Yesterday ended up being a pretty busy day and as I write this we’re just about to head off for an early morning tie breaker against Logan Gray with the winner making the 3 v 4 page game.

A disappointing end to the round robin with three consecutive defeats meant that we were tie on 5 – 4 with four other teams playing for one spot. That meant we took to the ice at 9.30pm last night to play the first of two tie breaker games. We played Hammy McMillan and Logan Gray took on Fraser Hare.

Thankfully we finally started firing last night and pulled through the game against McMillan and Gray shaded Hare in the extra end to set up the early clash this morning.

Now I’m hoping today will be another busy day, which could mean the blog might feel a little neglected today.

The lines cores for the play off can be found here.


Well this was one that we’ll have to forget about. Having played the best first two ends we’ve played all week we found ourselves three down. We just seemed to be struggling to get the same finish on our rocks that we were seeing from the opposition and that meant we were leaving the odd half chance, which they took well. There was a pace change in the third end, which unfortunately we picked up on too late. Dunky came up a little short on both his draws and it had cost us another three, however there wasn’t a lot of room for error on either effort. At six down after three ends the game was effectively over and although we managed to generate a sniff of a three in the forth a nice guard by Murdoch meant we were left with a tricky long raise for two. It was just one of those games where it wasn’t happening for us and we just missed and only picked up a one shot. We battled on till the 6th end where we shook hands and chose to get an early night and prepare for today, which is now a big one.

One win should definitely secure us a playoff for the weekend and two could still give us a chance of the 1-2 page playoff. We play Shaw in the first game and you can follow the line scores here.

It was important that we got back on the winning trail this afternoon after last nights disappointment and thankfully we did just that. The opposition was Sandy Reid’s rink that were also sitting at the top of the table on 4 wins and 1 defeat.

The game got off to a slow start and the only opportunity for a two in the first 6 ends was missed when Dunky was just short on a draw to the button for the deuce. The game burst into life in the 7th end when both teams seemd to throw the kitchen sink at each other and when Moray came to play his last he was facing four of our counters. Moray was a little too heavy and drifted to the back of the eight foot allowing us to steal a big three points. Four up with three to play meant that we could try and defend the lead with some defensive curling and we managed to see it out after the 9th end.

Team Murdoch is next up at 8pm this evening and you can follow the scores online here.

A 7.30am fire alarm at the hotel this morning was just wasn’t ideal, but now that I’m awake I better update this post. I actually thought that Dunky had changed his phone alarm to a very loud bell when I woke up for some reason.

Last nights game against Fraser was another one where we just missed too many shots and against a skip who had the pot lid in his back pocket it eventually cost us a win. We did well to generate a good two in the 7th to edge in front, only to then give them a three back in the 8th. We were looking good to have a chance of making two in the 9th until Fraser welded another clinker right into the button that meant we really had nothing left and the game ended there.

It was obviously a disappointing loss, however we can’t go back and change the game now so it’s time to refocus on the games we have left. We’re still in a good position at the moment and providing we can bounce back this morning we’ll still be looking good to be involved come the end of the week.

Next up in what is now a very big game is Sandy Reid at 12.45pm and you can follow the results here.

P.S. Tip for the chef try not to burn the toast tomorrow, please!

Filling in time

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Random Stuff

It’s about time I posted something on here that’s non curling related to lighten the mood a little. If you’ve ever wondered what we do between games to fill in time I have a little insight for you.

We do enjoy a wee competitive game of cards and it’s normally very good natured fun. Those of you who have been in an ice rink when were in the middle of a game will however know that things can get a little noisy at times. Now before you take a look at the slideshow I need to tell you that coach Ramsey isn’t the best loser in the world and has often called the integrity of the other team members into question during a game. This morning was an occasion where frustration got the better of Rambo, and during a frantic outburst he managed to break his spectacles on the table. Thankfully the lenses seem to pop back in and the frames bend back into shape quite easily!

Enjoy the photos!!!

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Well this was always going to be a tough one and it ended up that way with it all going down to the last stone.

This was a much better team performance and it needed to be against Hammy. We got out of the traps well and although Hammy had a half stone double for a possible three in the fifth we entered the 5th end break with a 3-1 advantage. Hammy we was quick to pounce on a slight mistake when we dropped too deep with Dunky’s first stone in the 6th and he picked up a two to square the game. We set out to try and blank the 9th, but had to change tactics late on when it became obvious we were going to be forced to score. Dunky made a really nice draw with his first that forced the error and followed it up with a good draw for two. A great final end from the guys gave us the hope that we could finish it in the 10th only for Hammy to produce an angled raise to knock our shot from the button and scored the point he needed for the extra. In the end we were left with a draw to the full four foot for the game and the big man made it with a couple of inches to spare. I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t skip a beat or two when the stone entered the house as it looked a little heavy, but it stopped in time nicely.

Next up is another rink from South West Scotland in the form of Fraser Hare. The game kicks off at 8pm and you can follow the results here.

The good news is that we actually manage to play the third round of the championship after the fault with the plant this afternoon. The women’s afternoon draw was cancelled as a result and has been rescheduled for Friday morning.

The game against McLeary was a nip and tuck affair with us having control of the game up until the 4th end. We were actually looking good to take a safe deuce when Duncan went to play his first, but a couple timely pick-ups put and end to that. The net result was a steal of two for the Kinross outfit. We swapped twos during the middle of the game until Lee had a key miss in the 8th end, which allowed us to take three and with it a two shot lead. All square coming home Dunky was left with a nose hit for the game, which he made. Still a few errors creeping in here and there that we’ll need to try and eliminate going forward, but at he end of the day it’s another win on the board.

Well I’m writing this at almost 1am and I really should be sleeping so I’ll sign off for now.

Big game tomorrow against Hammy McMillan at 12.45pm and you can follow the results here.